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10 Tips for Awesome Action Photos of Dogs

Capturing dogs in action is all about camera settings, right?


It's a common misconception that dialling in the right settings on your camera is your golden ticket to successfully shooting awesome dog action photos.

Unfortunately - it's not that simple!

There are many more pieces of the puzzle to slot into place before you can consistently capture dogs in action. Armed with this knowledge (along with some real life practice) you'll be creating awesome action shots that sharply capture the energy and spirit of dogs in motion in no time.

The ten detailed tips cover:

  • Understanding how your auto focus system works
  • How to identify and work with the best light
  • What to look for in a location
  • How to set up the action for success
  • Which lenses are best for different types of action
  • An in-depth look at the most crucial setting - shutter speed
  • Why your shooting position and technique is so important
  • A deep dive into focusing settings and techniques
  • How to make your practice more productive and iron out bugs in your technique

Phew - there's so much packed into this video - you're probably going to need to watch it multiple times! 😅

What's included:

  • 42 minute video presented by Charlotte Reeves, with real-life example images

  • Handy downloadable Cheat Sheet to take with you on shoots

If you find capturing sharp, well focused, engaging action photos of dogs challenging, this educational video is guaranteed to turn that around for you!

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Ready to start shooting amazing action photo of dogs?


Please note: This video made its debut in the Hair of the Dog's November 2019 Online Summit. If you already signed up for the Summit, this is the exact same video - you already have it! 😉

"This video has answered every one of my questions and includes all sorts of amazing techniques to sharpen your action shot skills. It covers lighting, shooting angles, camera settings/modes, the perfect locations and so much more! Super informative!"

Kayla Brouillard

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