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Keen to create amazing pet photography? Learn Pet Photography will guide you through every step. Charlotte Reeves is an Australian pet photographer with 13 years of experience doing exactly what you’re trying to do, and she’s sharing all her secrets and tricks of the trade with you through online and in-person training!

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Dog Photography e-books

Comprehensive guides to natural light dog photography. Fetching Photos and Dog Shots have been retired and will be replaced with a brand new, ultimate guide to natural light on-location pet photography soon.


Foundation Courses

Essential building blocks helping you establish a firm foundation for your pet photography learning. Each short course focuses on a specific topic and is highly accessible, suitable for all learning styles!



Live videos of real-life pet photography sessions. Learn to run an entire shoot seamlessly, capture all aspects of a dog’s personality while managing their energy and keeping the owner happy.


Get an inside look into RealShoots...

RealShoots is my flagship dog photography shooting and editing video course, featuring 10 Netflix-style shooting episodes of real life dog photography sessions - find out more below!


The RealShoots Complete Course has been described as a game-changer.


Meet Charlotte Reeves

Through her Brisbane-based business, Charlotte Reeves Photography, Charlotte has fearlessly photographed over a thousand dogs since 2007.  She has coaxed gorgeous images from hyper staffys to reluctant retrievers, helping many rescue dogs along the way.

Charlotte was recently awarded the 2018 AIPP Queensland Epson Pet/Animal Photographer of the Year.

Addicted to creating lightbulb moments for students, Charlotte has been teaching pet photographers since 2013.  She relishes simplifying tricky concepts, and helping people achieve their goals by making the learning fun, practical, and positive. 

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Online Mentoring

Want to work 1:1 with Charlotte, but can’t get to Australia?  Connecting face to face online is the next best thing. Charlotte offers specially designed packages, ranging from portfolio review to editing, to give you personalised tutoring and assistance with your pet photography.


In Person Mentoring

Do you learn most effectively by doing? One-on-one pet photography mentoring adds jet fuel to your self-study – speeding up progress, taking you farther. As an experienced teacher, Charlotte Reeves can answer every little question, demonstrate, and correct things that are getting in your way.



All-inclusive pet photography retreats.  What could be better than being surrounded by likeminded pet loving photographers, staying in luxurious accommodations in exotic locations, all catered by your private chef? How about being taught by the world’s best pet photographers?


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