Pet Photographer Tests Out Animal AF on the Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless!

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2020

Join me for the first few days of EOS R5 ownership, as I test out the Animal Autofocus capabilities of this revolutionary new mirrorless camera from Canon! In this video, I test out the focus and tracking features on chickens, horses and of course dogs - both for portraits and action.

The verdict? You'll have to watch to find out! Feel free to fast-track through the video using the chapter links below. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe, and leave a thumbs-up or comment!

00:00 - Disclaimer/Intro
00:29 - Camera Setup
02:02 - Animal Model Intro
03:00 - Photographing Chickens with Animal AF (RF 70-200mm Lens)
04:17 - Photographing Dog Portraits with Animal AF (RF 70-200mm Lens)
05:46 - Photographing Horses with Animal AF (RF 70-200mm Lens)
11:44 - Photographing Dogs in Action with Animal AF (RF 70-200mm Lens)
17:25 - Animal AF with the EF 135mm Lens and Adapter
23:23 - Animal AF with the EF 35mm Lens and Adapter
26:12 - Final Thoughts

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