Dog Shots

A compendium of ideas, tips and tricks for dynamic and creative natural light dog photography.

Following on from my first e-book Fetching Photos, Dog Shots is a recipe book of 30 fresh and fun ideas to help you spice up your dog photography, through inspiration coupled with technical know-how. It focuses on utilising locations, working with light and obtaining expression from your subjects, with a special emphasis on capturing action. This 60 page e-book is a must-have field guide for any pet photographer at any level!

Dog Shots is priced at only $39 USD which is an absolute steal considering how much super specialised expert information is contained within!

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"Whether you are taking snapshots of your pet, hobbyist photographer, or advanced photographer, you will love this book. Easy written step-by-step guide on how to take the shot you always wanted to. Great tips, tricks, and checklist for each scenario. This book will take your snapshots to the next level. Personal recipes of an extraordinary photographer revealed."

Pavlina Sanborn Photography

Who is Dog Shots for?

For the hobbyist or enthusiastic amateur

All the recipes in Dog Shots are rated for difficulty. While some focus on easily understood concepts such as location and lighting, higher rated recipes move towards more technical considerations. Dog Shots is designed to grow with you – as you grow and learn you can attack the more difficult concepts to take your skills to the next level.

For the aspiring or startup pet photographer

Dog Shots will give you stacks of new ideas and fresh recipes to aid in you creating amazing shots that will totally WOW your clients. And we all know that tapping into this wow factor really assists in getting your clients to spend big and importantly, rave about your amazing skills to their friends – which are all potential clients themselves!

For the professional portrait photographer

If your focus is usually on people, you may need a little help to shift into a different mindset when photographing dogs. Dog Shots will help you move above and beyond posed portraits, with some great tips on capturing action and seeing your subjects from new angles and engaging in different activities.

Whether you’re photographing your own dogs as a hobby, volunteering at shelters or pet rescue organisations or shooting client sessions, chances are you may find yourself stuck in the habit of taking the same set of shots at every session. Dog Shots introduces a host of great new ideas to help improve and expand your dog photography skills and portfolio.

What exactly is inside?

Dog Shots is set up just like a recipe book, with each of the 30 “recipes” including crucial information you’ll need to know to implement the shot. Some shots are geared towards technical expertise, while others concentrate on elements such as utilising the location and environment, working with light or interacting with the dog.

"Are you are looking for a fantastic resource to help you create dazzling variety in your pet photography sessions? Look no further than Dog Shots. Charlotte has broken down 30 different shots in a way that is easy to understand and implement. I am certain that photographers of all levels will find useful information in this book."

Nicole Begley
Hair of the Dog Blog

Frequently Asked Questions

In my experience, all photographers work differently and have their own little tips, techniques and methods of obtaining the best shots. Especially pet photographers! Even if you’re already well versed in pet photography and run a succesful business, there is always more to learn, different ways of doing things and new ways of seeing the world and your canine subjects. Personally, I relish the opportunity to talk with, interact with and learn from other pet photographers and in reading this e-book, it’s almost like having a conversation with a peer!

Moving beyond posed portraits and random action shots, Dog Shots focuses on giving you the ability to conceptualise, set up and shoot a range of quality images. Your clients will be absolutely ecstatic at the range of truly mindblowing shots you’ll be able to include in your sessions.

Quality and consistency across a wide variety of shots will allow you to offer high end products such as albums and wall art collections, increasing the value of what you can offer your clients and catering to different product preferences – ensuring your clients will always be left feeling satisfied they received excellent service and a high level of choice.

If you haven’t yet read my first e-book Fetching Photos – I highly recommend purchasing a copy and reading it before you tackle Dog Shots – there’s a heap of really useful information in there that serves as the perfect foundation for understanding some of the more advanced concepts in Dog Shots. If you’re keen to purchase both books at once, check out the combo pricing available.

Dog Shots comes as an 22mb downloadable PDF file. After downloading on a computer, you can transfer it to your mobile device and read it in Adobe Acrobat Reader or any PDF viewing app you have installed.

Definitely! Please email me your query and I’ll do my best to help you out.

"One of my favorite things about Charlotte Reeves is the way her photos tell a story. The wide variety of her images shows us the beauty of the dog as well some of its unique personality. In her brilliant new book, Dog Shots, Charlotte shares her recipes for getting the shot right. She breaks down 30 types of photos with amazing ease and offers distinct key points for replicating each of these categories. I hope every dog photographer reads this book (and then share their images with me!)."

The Daily Dog Tag

Bundle deal for Fetching Photos + Dog Shots

If you haven’t yet read my first e-book Fetching Photos – I highly recommend purchasing a copy and reading it before you tackle Dog Shots as there’s a heap of really useful information in there that serves as the perfect foundation for understanding some of the more advanced concepts in Dog Shots.

e-book Bundle $69 USD

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About the author

My name is Charlotte Reeves and I started my pet photography business – Charlotte Reeves Photography – in mid 2007. After over 13 years of being in business, I’ve built up my skills and business model to be the successful, internationally renowned pet photographer I am today. I have a steady stream of clients and am at the stage in my career where I get a real kick out of teaching people to discover their potential within a niche area of photography that I personally love and feel has real value to society.

When not hanging out with my Australian Shepherds Fletcher, Opal and Enzo, I love to read historical fiction novels, explore new destinations through travel and immerse myself in nature. A self-confessed techno geek, I also thrive on finding time to disconnect from technology and spend time with my amazing husband, friends and family.

"Whatever stage you're at in your journey towards better dog photography, I guarantee there will be something in Dog Shots that will help you on your way and assist you in capturing amazing photos of our canine friends."

"Dogs grace our lives for such a short time, that capturing high quality, professional photos is now a must-do for any pet owner. Fetching Photos is the go-to guide for amateur and seasoned photographers alike. Filled to the brim with technical lessons, professional photo shoot planning, and tips on working with dogs, Charlotte Reeves has drawn on her years of experience as a professional pet photographer to create the ultimate resource in dog photography. It's a must for any dog loving shutterbug."

Serena Faber Nelson
Pretty Fluffy

Terms and Conditions


Dog Shots does not include:

  • Information on photographing pets other than dogs
  • Information about how to use your particular camera
  • Business advice including pricing, sales or marketing
  • Sample forms, contracts or session agreements
  • Information and advice about editing your images (check out my free editing tutorials for this!)
Refund Policy

Due to the electronic format of this e-book, all purchases are final and there are no refunds or returns offered. If you have feedback for me, please get in touch.

Replacement Policy

It’s your responsibility to save and back up your e-book securely. I recommend saving it somewhere memorable and permanent in multiple places (make at least two copies) as soon as you download it, so it doesn’t get accidentally lost or deleted.


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