Workflow & Editing Guide

This 42-page e-book guide covers my entire, super efficient and easy to follow workflow, then delves into my editing process in both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. An ideal quick-reference or read cover to cover!


The Dog Photographer's Handbook

Due to launch around the end of 2020, my new book will be the complete reference guide for aspiring and professional dog photographers. Available in both e-book and printed form, it will be the must-have guide for all dog photographers who shoot on-location with natural light.

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Retired e-books

After over six years in circulation, my super popular e-books Fetching Photos and Dog Shots have been retired. If you'd like to get sneaky access to them anyway, just sign up above to register your interest for my new e-book!

"It was great to find dedicated pet photography learning materials of such great quality."

"Charlotte generously shares her technical and creative knowledge of natural light dog photography in “Fetching Photos”. Written in a simple, logical way this ebook includes everything from fundamentals of photography, animal behaviour management tips, to tips to finding you own signature style for photography. This is a valuable go-to resource for any aspiring dog photographer."

"Once the fundamentals have been covered by “Fetching Photos” Charlotte then offers “Dog Shots”, an incredible guide to 30 different “recipes” to value add to any pet photographers repertoire. Charlotte steps through the technical and creative knowledge to allow you to expand your dog photographer’s portfolio and take your interests to a new level, whether for rescue animals or a pet photography business."

Angie Shearn


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