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RealShoots Episode 7

Armani & Kentucky in the Country

A beautiful rural property was the perfect location for these two high energy Hungarian Vizslas to run, swim, explore and investigate.

I worked hard to manage the dogs' energy levels in this supersize 50 minute episode - exploiting their high energy for some fun action and play shots - then dialling it back to capture some beautiful environmental portraits. I found out what drives each dog - hint: it's not the same thing for both - and fully utilised this get their attention and focus and capture expression.

The first editing tutorial dives into a deeper understanding of the Histogram in Lightroom and covers how to bring back colour and life to a dull grassy background. In the second editing video, I demonstrate a quick and easy head swap. You also get and in-depth look into my final Polish Up action, then I hand it over for you to install and use yourself!

Also included in this episode:

  • Companion learning guide
  • Daily email tips
  • Full client gallery
  • Fun quiz to test your knowledge
  • RAW files for editing tutorials
  • Discussion areas

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What they're saying:

“Charlotte makes everything seem so easy! This course is one of my favourites because it shows that not always you will have the perfect image of two dogs: many times you'll have to make one by doing a head swap. Also, in this course you will get her Polish Up action, which is great for speeding up editing. ”

Deise Oliveira