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RealShoots Episode 10

Jaspah, Bunji & Pippa

In this hour-long season finale you’ll see me work with three dogs - and two humans! You’ll meet Jaspah, a super smart Airedale Terrier. Pippa, a tiny 6 month old long haired Miniature Dachshund. And Bunji, a super energetic but rather uncoordinated Kelpie/Collie cross.

The dogs all have different levels of obedience but have one thing in common - super high energy! We let them loose in a fantastic off-leash location to run and explore - with lots of ball chasing thrown in for good measure.

This is the only RealShoots episode where I use an assistant... You’ll see the kinds of tasks she performs and how she helps create order from the chaos.

We shoot stacks of action and plenty of portraits, then towards the end we capture the perfect group shot. Right on sunset, we head to the ideal spot for shooting silhouettes.

The first editing tutorial continues on from the instructions for shooting a group portrait, to cover the complete process of crafting the finished shot.  Starting with an inspirational slideshow of silhouettes spanning years of shooting, the second editing tutorial dives deep into capturing and editing silhouettes.

Also included in this episode:

  • Companion learning guide
  • Daily email tips
  • Full client gallery
  • Fun quiz to test your knowledge
  • RAW files for editing tutorials
  • Discussion areas

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What they're saying:

“Like all the other episodes of RealShoots, this one is full of tips and tricks and packed full of information. All the episodes are a wonderful learning experience from start to finish and a funfilled experience with being able to download the resources and work along side you in the editing videos. Having you in the background to answer any questions is an added bonus. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.”

Helen Sauler