The RealShoots Complete Course

Including all ten episodes of the series, plus bonuses!

Do you want to get serious about your passion for dog photography?

Then RealShoots is the perfect training for you.

Get a handle on your hobby. Turn your passion into profits. In RealShoots, you’ll learn all the tips, tricks and insider secrets of a real life professional photographer on a real outdoor shoot.

Go at your own pace. Watch the lessons anytime. Learn from one of the best in the biz, from the comfort of your own home. Binge on all the episodes or space them out. No deadlines. No pressure.

Learn how to:

  • Plan and run successful outdoor dog photography shoots.
  • Work smoothly with different dog personalities.
  • Know exactly how to work with any type of light nature throws at you.
  • Handle behavioural issues and varying levels of obedience with ease.
  • Artfully edit and professionally post-process any image.
  • Capture magical images that leave clients elated and ugly crying.

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"If you are thinking of getting into pet photography your search for a course is OVER. RealShoots covers basic to advanced skills for handling a pet photo shoot. One amazing resource every aspiring pet photographer needs. Thanks a ton Charlotte."

Praveen Shankam

Explore the RealShoots Episodes

So what exactly is RealShoots?

The RealShoots Complete Course is a series of 10 episodes, each featuring a real shoot.
Basically, I walk you through real-life pet photo sessions with clients and their dogs!

You'll watch over my shoulder as I shoot a full-length outdoor session. I explain each step of the process and give you a unique insight into how I deal with challenges to create effortlessly gorgeous images every single time.

This high quality training takes you step by step through a range of different situations and locations giving you practical instruction on what to do in any scenario, ways to work with all types of dog personalities and even how to handle those pesky humans!

Comprehensive, easy to follow and stacks of fun, RealShoots will help you bring your A-game to every session.

"I love everything about RealShoots. Charlotte has a relaxed way in engaging every dog she is photographing. To be able to watch sessions while they are happening and the steps she takes to get to the finished product is phenomenal! I have picked up many new ways of approaching different subjects. Thank you Charlotte!"

Lisa Witherley

In every RealShoots episode you get

Shooting Video

A two-hour, real-life dog photography shoot professionally edited down to around the length of a TV episode. Watch anytime, anywhere. No deadlines. No pressure. Tons of value.

Learning Guide

A downloadable companion learning guide to summarise and expand on the video content. Includes handy tips, images with full settings, some with behind the scenes photos.

Daily Tips

Optionally subscribe to the daily tip series accompanying the episode. Bite sized ways to improve your pet photography – delivered daily so you can read and absorb straight away.

Client Gallery

Exclusive access to the full client image gallery. See the actual results of the shoot in high quality, just as the client would see them.

Editing Tutorials

Comprehensive editing tutorials. Watch a complete image edit using professional Adobe photo editing software - Lightroom and Photoshop.

RAW Files

Download the RAW image files used in the editing tutorials so you can play along at home, while watching the editing videos. Nothing better than learning by doing!

Fun Quiz

A challenging and super fun quiz to test your knowledge and keep you on your toes! Download the Cheat Sheet for full explanations of the answers.

Discussion Areas

Ask questions about the training and interact with other students. No such thing as a silly question here - and all are answered personally by Charlotte!

What to expect in the shooting videos

  • What to do when you arrive, how to start, how to greet and manage over-excited dogs (and their owners!)

  • Taking the mystery out of which camera settings to choose for every possible situation

  • How to capture expression - not just photos of “a dog” but photos of that exact dog and their unique personality

  • How to create outstanding variety during the session

  • Soft skills like how to direct and involve the owners (even if you’re not a people person)

  • What to do and how to respond in real time when things don’t go according to plan

  • Closed Captions are available for all shooting videos

What to expect in the editing tutorials

  • See images edited from start to finish, giving you a complete picture of the process

  • Names of setting and tools are clearly stated, no mysteries

  • Learn to edit from scratch with no presets and self-made actions, helping you fully comprehend the adjustments made

  • Industry standard applications are used - Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop (no fancy or expensive plugins)

  • Discover workflow and file management best practices

  • Learn techniques for quick and easy culling of your sessions to help reduce the time you spend editing

  • Closed Captions are available for all editing videos

"For anyone starting out in pet photography, it's hard to know what to spend your money on to get the best return - gear, training, marketing. But I promise you, purchasing Charlotte's course will be the best money you will ever spend on your business."

Linda Palmer-Scott
New Zealand

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10 RealShoots Episodes

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10 RealShoots Episodes

+ All Bonuses


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RealShoots Uncut

A shoot from the archives has been reworked into a series of four fabulous mini-trainings. In these 3-8 minute long clips, you’ll see the RAW images pop up on the screen as the camera shutter clicks. Valued at $99.


Fetching Photos and Dog Shots are e-books that give you fresh and fun ideas to help you seriously skyrocket your dog photography skills. These are must-have field guides for any pet photographer at any level Valued at $69.


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